TOFTCOMBS  - Mansion House
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Until 1832 the House formed part of a large estate belonging to Vice Admiral Charles Fleming of Biggar and Cumbernauld. At that time the House, known as Wester Toftcombs, the farm of Easter Toftcombs and Mid Toftcombs were bought by John Liddle of West Mains. These were tenanted by four generations of the Gladstone family, later made famous by the British Prime Minister, William Gladstone.
Thereafter Toftcombs passed from John Liddle to Thomas Gibson, his son James Gibson and then the Trustees of Robert MacWharrie in 1897. In 1900 Toftcombs was bought by Sir Andrew Macdonald, Knight of Glengonar, former Lord Provost of Edinburgh.
Wester Toftcombs was originally a small farmhouse until James Gibson added the turret and the principal main reception rooms with bedrooms on the first floor. The current entrance, vestibule, staircase and dining room with upstairs bedrooms were not added until 1874 and were designed in a complementary style to match areas of the house that already existed.